• The best weight loss effect with the interaction of green tea catechin and Svetol (green coffee bean extract)
  • Only 2 capsules per day for weight loss

Main features

  1. Weight loss and body fat reduction (Green Tea Catechin + Svetol)
  2. Anti-oxidant
  3. Improve blood cholesterol level


1.Weight loss and body fat reduction

  • Reduction of glucose absorption and liberation
  • Green tea catechin and green coffee bean chlorogenic acid have been noted for preventing metabolic syndrome.



  • The antioxidant effect removes active oxygen which is the main cause of aging and disease in the body, so it does not aging the body. It reduces the skin troubles like acne and spots and keeps it clean.


3.Improve blood cholesterol level

  • “2 for diet” capsule clean the blood, promote circulation of blood, remove harmful cholesterol causing the thrombus, and have the effect of blocking arteriosclerosis and blood pressure rise in advance. (about 10% reduction in blood glucose)
  • Catechin enhances immunity and has excellent detoxification.


Product information


  • 380 ㎎ × 60 capsules (1 month, ₩ 67,000)